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    Rfog Onu,Mini Node,Node Connect
    OBI-Free SDU R-ONU(SDU-RFoG-F02)
    SDU RFoG F02 datasheet FEATURES  1.Standards compliant OBI‐free technology enables high performance upstream operation in an RFoG environment. 2.19 dBmV RF output level for single subscriber (SDU) applications. 3.Burst mode is supported. 4.OBI-Free technology on this model supports up to 16 R-ONUs transmitting into a single optical input. 5.54/87/105/258–1218MHz forward on 1550 nm and 5–42/65/85/204MHz return on 1610 nm wavelengths. 6.1610nm DFB laser transmitter supports full DOCSIS® 3.0 operation. 7.DC power supported via RF port or dedicated power port. 8.10/10, 10/1, 2/1, 1/1Gbps PON pass-through and no PON pass-through options.   PRODUCT OVERVIEW The SANLAND SDU RFoG F02 Optical Network Unit (R-ONU) for Single Dwelling Unit (SDU)applications support cost-effective deployment of full interactive video, voice, and data services over an RFoG network.SDU RFoG F02 enables multiple simultaneous upstream RF channel transmissions, enabling multiple MAC domains and full DOCSIS 3.0 channel usage to efficiently coexist, offering increased upstream bandwidth usage for RF returns as compared to non-OBI-free models. The 19 dBmV RF output with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) supports a wide array of SDU designs, with a 5–42/65/85/204MHz return path using 1610 nm wavelength optics and a 54/87/105/258–1218MHz forward path on 1550 nm wavelength optics.  

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