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  •  MDU RFoG FTTB Node
     MDU RFoG FTTB Node
    OBI-Free MDU R-ON(MDU-RFoG-F01)
    MDU RFoG F01.PDF Product Description: The MDU RFoG series FTTB Node is mainly used for RFoG network. “OBI-Free” R-ONU eliminate the Optical Beat Interferences(OBI) that has been an issue in the traditional RFoG deployments. Its return path laser can work in burst or continuous mode.The upstream output optical wavelength can be set as CWDM standard wavelength to shield the OBI effectively.   Features: 1) Support downstream optical AGC, whose control range is -6~0dBm; 2) Adopt electrically adjustable mode for both EQ and ATT circuit using LED displaying screen to modify directly; 3) Upstream output optical wavelength is optional(or specified by the user) . 4) Burst mode is supported; 5) OBI-Free technology on this model support up to 16 R-ONUs transmitting into a single optical input.

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