• SDU R-ONU R-ONU Mini Node
    SDU R-ONU R-ONU Mini Node
    SDU R-ONU R-ONU Mini Node
    SDU R-ONU.PDF FEATURES ● Forward reception is1200-1600nm . Reverse emission wavelength is 1310nm ● Forward receiving optical power range: -6dBm — +2 ● Forward RF bandwidth is 54MHz—1002MHz,the output level is 25 ● Light power of reverse emission is 1MW or 2 ● Reverse RF bandwidth is 5MHz-42MHz, and the input level is 25dBmv. ● On the upper surface of the shell, there are forward optical power and 1V/mW receiving optical power test points. Reverse optical power indicator and 1V/mW transmitting optical power test point ● - 20dB RF output monitoring ports in the up and dow ● Low power consumption design, especially for the whole machine ● Adopting aluminum die-casting shell. Small size and exquisite. Good heat dissipation.   DESCRIPTION The R-ONU Mini node is a small home optical node specially developed for cable TV operators for standard networking, which provides users with two-way,interactive TV and network services. Compared with other two-way optical nodes, this series of products have the characteristics of small size, flexible networking and high performance-cost ratio.
  • catv amplifier module 12v
    catv amplifier module 12v
    SMO-P16 Optical Receiver
    SMO-P16.PDF FEATURES ● CATV 1GHz RF frequency bandwidth. ● Integrated WDM for GPON OLT wavelength bypass (1490/1310nm). ● Automatic gain control (AGC) of RF output level. ● Compact integrated mechanical housing. ● Module design and Plug & Play function. ● DC power on indication LED. ● AC/DC 12V power adaptor(standard)   DESCRIPTION SMO-P16 Optical Receiver is a high performance 1GHz CATV optical receiver for converting TV signal from optical fiber network into RF signal over coax cabling in residential homes. This product features compact size, high CNR, low distortion, low power consumption, easy installation and cost effectiveness. It supports conventional analog TV RF as well as Digital Video Broadcasting signals. RF output level can be adjusted with manual gain control. The SMO-P16 is the best choice to be used on FTTH services. It has WDM devices integrated for combing GPON (IP) signals of wavelengths 1310nm (upstream) & 1490nm (downstream) with 1550nm CATV signal in the same fiber.
  • FTTH optical receiver
    FTTH optical receiver
    SD-OP101 V-ONU FTTH Optical receiver
    SD-OP101 V-ONU.PDF Description: The SD-OP101 V-ONU is a video optical receiver (V-ONU) for FTTH installed in the subscriber's home with a CATV system. It has the following features. (1) Optical receiver for video with a frequency band of 70 to 2681 MHz (8) Equipped with a new AGC function (2) BS (right-handed / left-handed), CS (right-handed) receivable Optical input range -14 to -4 dBm, RF output within ± 3 dB ③ With remote control function (band-specific control function) ④ Equipped with a tilt function to correct cable loss (CATV band approx. 6 dB) ⑤ The V-ONU main unit has a low current consumption of 180mA. ⑥ Power supply comes with coaxial power supply and coaxial superimposition power supply (built-in power inserter) ⑦ With an optical fiber extra length processing function, a fiber tray that can store two connection sleeves and one WDM filter.

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