• Spring Festival Holiday Notice
    January 12, 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
    Dear Customer, Due to Chinese Spring Festival, our office will be temporarily out of duty from Jan. 14th to Jan. 28th, 2023. We will return on Jan. 29th, 2023. For anything urgent, pls contact via email: info@pinsignal-tech.com. Thank you. Happy New Year!
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  • How to identify the quality of optical receiver module
    March 24, 2022 How to identify the quality of optical receiver module
    An optical receiver module, how do we identify whether it is good or bad? Pinsignal will give you some judgment indicators. A high-quality optical receiver module can ensure the flexible operation of FTTH and provide convenience for subsequent management and expansion. The optical receiver module should comply with ANSI_SCTE 06 2009.ICE61000-4-3. EN 607286 Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services. Part6: Optical equipment services EN 607283 Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services. Part3: Active broadband equipment for cable services. and ensure that the optical module can accommodate a variety of original equipment. The manufacturers should be certified by CE, EMI, EMC, ROHS, etc. The interface and size of the modules can be customized. The optical receiver module should have WDM, AGC, AGC-offset, I2C functions, so that users can monitor the real-time parameters of the optical module. The specific parameters include the maximum working environment temperature of 85 degrees,5V working voltage, working current below 200mA, receiving optical power -15dBm~+2dBm, Surge>2KV, ESD>4KV, etc. In addition, it can also display the factory information and prompt alarm/warning. Before shipment, the optical receiver module needs to have test of S-parameter, CTB/CSO, CN, MER, C-suprious to ensure that the optical module has good quality, performance and compatibility, avoid network interruption, and save maintenance time and cost. It is recommended to ask the supplier before purchasing the optical modules. Checking the module surface for insert loss, return loss, and isolation loss. If there is obvious damage, the optical module may be defective or second-hand. It can be judged by after-sales service, the service life of the optical modules is ordinary about 3 years, so we should choose the suppliers with quality assurance when choosing optical modules. Pinsignal is the professional optical module manufacturers, provides 3-year warranty service. Above is the way to identify the quality of optical modules. As a professional optical module manufacturer, Pinsignal will conduct product appearance test, parameter test, compatibility and connectivity test and optical end face cleaning before leaving the factory to ensure that users get high-quality optical modules.
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  • Notice on Online Operation of Pinsignal Technology Official Website
    February 21, 2022 Notice on Online Operation of Pinsignal Technology Official Website
    The official website of Shenzhen Pinsignal Technology Co., Ltd. will be officially launched on February 28, 2022. The company's main business is the R&D and sales of RF modules, communication RF modules, microwave modules and other electronic products. Widely applied to radio and television transmission network,mobile communication network and optical communication network. Our company's products have all passed ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification. We have established strategic partner relationship with well-known domestic and foreign customers. Welcome to our company for visiting and negotiation.
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  • Come and Join Us
    February 21, 2022 Come and Join Us
    Technical Clerk 1.Assist the R&D department in the daily work affairs. 2.Review the BOM data prepared by the engineer and assist in importing the ERP system. 3.Responsible for the collection and distribution of technical data. File management, storage, etc. 4.Progress follow-up of sample requirements issued by sales and delivery of finished products. 5.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. Remuneration Salary:Fixed salary(standard salary+post allowance)+Varible salary(Performance bonus+leng of Service bonus) Annual Salary Increase:Salary adjustment with reference to the minimum wage published by the local government will appear from March to June of each year. Rewards: Year-end Bonus:The company gives out year-end bonus at the end of each year(Note:According to the company and indidual performance). Statutory Benefits 1.Social Insurance:The company pays all kinds of insurance for the employees,including endowment insurance,medical insurance,industrial injury insurance,unemployment insurance,maternity insurance. 2.Housing provident Found:To help the employees alleviate housing pressure,the company will pay housing provident fund for every employee. 3.Statutory Holidays:The company implements statutory holidays,paid annual leave,maternity leave,bereavement leave and work injury leave policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the natinal authority.
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  • Event | New Factory Opening Ceremony
    September 15, 2022 Event | New Factory Opening Ceremony
    Event | New Factory Opening Ceremony Shenzhen Sanland Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony of the new factory on September 9, 2022, on the 5th floor of Building F, Glory Technology Industrial Park. The opening of the new factory, further optimizes the layout of the company's management units, consolidates the company's foundation for deepening business development and diversified development, marks Sanland Technology having reached a new level. The company will show a new look in colleagues, with a new concept and quality service to our customers. Sanland Technology is committed to high-quality optical module products. For more information on optical module products, Please follow the official website of Sanland Technology. Thank you for your support!
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