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  • ftth receiver,CATV module
    ftth receiver,CATV module
    SMO2700/CATV AGC Optical Receiver Module
    Download product specification:SMO2700.PDF FEATURES ● Excellent Linearity ● Extremely low noise ● Excellent flatness ● Rugged construction ● FC/APC ● AG   DESCRIPTION SMO2700 CATV AGC Optical Receiver Module is a low power, but good performance optical receiver. Output level is 70dBuV @-5dBm. Small size with FC/APC connector which can be assembled in a small case. CHARACTERISTICS (Bandwidth 45 to 1000MHZ; Tmb=25℃, VB=5V, ZS=ZL=75Ω) SYMBOL PARAMETER UNIT MIN. TYP MAX. CONDITIONS S responsively V/W 850 - - λ=1300nm-1600nm FL1 Flatness of frequency response dB - ±1.0 ±1.5 f=45 to 1000 MHZ, wide band flatness FL2 Flatness of frequency response dB - - ±0.4 Narrow bandwidth per 7MHz SL Slope dB - 2 3 From 45~900MHz S22 Output Return Loss dB - - - f=45 to 900 MHZ S22 Output Return Loss dB - - - f=1000 to 2700 MHZ Itot Total Current Consumption mA - - 220 VB=5V Automatic Gain Control Receiving Power: -10~0dBm (According to customer requirements) Vo1 Output Voltage dBuV 70 - - - - Popt= -5dBm BW=45~900MHz 42 channels T=25℃ OMI=4% per channel - - - - - - Vo1 Output Voltage dBuV 68 - - - - Popt= -5dBm BW=45~900MHz 42 channels T=0~40℃ OMI=4% per channel - 80.5 - - - SYMBOL PARAMETER UNIT MIN. TYP. MAX. CONDITIONS CTB Composite Triple Beat dB - - -60 Optical power -3dBm 42 channels PAL-D .175.25MHz OMI=4% per channel CSO Composite Second Order distortion dB - - -60 C-spurious Carrier to spurious dB - - -57 CTB Composite Triple Beat dB - - -57 Optical power +1dBm 42 channels PAL-D .175.25MHz OMI=4% per channel  CSO Composite Second Order distortion dB - - -56 C- spurious Carrier to spurious dB - - -56 CNR Noise carrier rating dB 45 - - Optical power -7dBm 42 channels PAL-D .175.25MHz OMI=4% per channel - - - - Please note:  Vo1 are according to the optical change from -10dBm ~0dBm. For example, In -10dBm the output level is 80dBuV, but in the 0dBm maybe output level is 82dBuV.  Vo2 are according to the temperature change .for example: when the temperature stay 40℃,the output level will lower 0.5dB than 25℃. When the temperature stay 0℃,the output level will higher 0.5dB than 25℃. If you want to know more about our product details,Please reply to get E-Catelog and FOC samples,Thank you.
  • mini node catv
    mini node catv
    RFoG Mini Node(SDU-RFoG-D02)
    SDU RFog D02.PDF Product Description: The RFoG Mini Node is a small home optical node specially developed for cable TV operators using the DOCSIS protocol standard, to provide users with two-way,interactive TV and network services. Compared with other two-way optical nodes, this series of products has the characteristics of small size, flexible networking and high cost performance.   FEATURES : 1) Designed for DOCSIS network. 2) Forward 1550nm input power: -9~+3dBm, forward AGC Range: -6~+2dBm. 3) Forward frequency: 54~1200MHz, EQ 3±1.5dB, RF output level: 73dBuV. 4) Reverse 1610nm output Power: 2mW. 5) Reverse frequency: 5~42MHz, RF input level: 75~112dBuV. 6) LED on the housing for forward optical power, reverse optical power and 1V/ mW forward optical power. 7) With -20dB RF output test port. 8) Power consumption <3W. 9) Compact Aluminium cast housing, perfect heat dissipation. 10) Fully Compatible with SCTE Standards.
  • FTTH optical receiver
    FTTH optical receiver
    SD-OP101 V-ONU FTTH Optical receiver
    SD-OP101 V-ONU.PDF Description: The SD-OP101 V-ONU is a video optical receiver (V-ONU) for FTTH installed in the subscriber's home with a CATV system. It has the following features. (1) Optical receiver for video with a frequency band of 70 to 2681 MHz (8) Equipped with a new AGC function (2) BS (right-handed / left-handed), CS (right-handed) receivable Optical input range -14 to -4 dBm, RF output within ± 3 dB ③ With remote control function (band-specific control function) ④ Equipped with a tilt function to correct cable loss (CATV band approx. 6 dB) ⑤ The V-ONU main unit has a low current consumption of 180mA. ⑥ Power supply comes with coaxial power supply and coaxial superimposition power supply (built-in power inserter) ⑦ With an optical fiber extra length processing function, a fiber tray that can store two connection sleeves and one WDM filter.

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