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Technical Clerk

1.Assist the R&D department in the daily work affairs.
2.Review the BOM data prepared by the engineer and assist in importing the ERP system.
3.Responsible for the collection and distribution of technical data. File management, storage, etc.
4.Progress follow-up of sample requirements issued by sales and delivery of finished products.
5.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


Salary:Fixed salary(standard salary+post allowance)+Varible salary(Performance bonus+leng of Service bonus)
Annual Salary Increase:Salary adjustment with reference to the minimum wage published by the local government
will appear from March to June of each year.

Year-end Bonus:The company gives out year-end bonus at the end of each year(Note:According to the company and indidual performance).

Statutory Benefits
1.Social Insurance:The company pays all kinds of insurance for the employees,including endowment insurance,medical insurance,industrial injury insurance,unemployment insurance,maternity insurance.

2.Housing provident Found:To help the employees alleviate housing pressure,the company will pay housing provident fund for every employee.

3.Statutory Holidays:The company implements statutory holidays,paid annual leave,maternity leave,bereavement leave and work injury leave policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the natinal authority.

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