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  • catv optical module,fm amplifier broadcasting,mini node
    catv optical module,fm amplifier broadcasting,mini node
    SMO-P27/CATV Optical Receiver
    SMO-P27 CATV Optical Receiver is a low power, but good performance optical receiver. AGC function make output level stably when in the range of -10~0dBm.
  • mini optical receiver,optical node mini
    mini optical receiver,optical node mini
    SMO33A/CATV Optical Receiver Module
    Download product specification:SMO33A.PDF FEATURES ● Excellent Linearity ● High Optical Input Power Range ● Excellent Flatness ● Optimal Reliability ● Low Noise ● FC/APC SC/APC ● RF-AGC   DESCRIPTION  The SMO33A CATV Optical Receiver Module has an FC/APC or SC/APC connector. The amplifier supply voltage pin is connected to 12V(DC).The modules have a mono mode optical input suitable for 1290 to 1600nm wavelengths, a terminal to monitor the photo diode current and an electrical output having a characteristic impedance of 75Ω. optical power receiving at–8~+2dBm. CHARACTERISTICS (Bandwidth 40 to 870MHZ; Tmb=25℃, VB=5V, ZS=ZL=75Ω) SYMBOL PARAMETER UNIT MIN. TYP. MAX. CONDITIONS S Responsivity V/W 850 - - λ=1310nm FL Flatness straight line dB - - ±0.6 f=40 to 870 MHZ Vo Output voltage dBμV - 79 - 60~85channels flat; Optical power receiving at –8~+2dBm CTB①/② Composite triple beat dB - - -67/- 64 60 channels flat; measured at 543.25 MHz; Optical power receiving at –8~+2dBm CSO①/② Composite second order distortion dB - - -63/- 61 CNR Carrier to noise ratio dB - 50 - S22 Output return loss dB 12 - - Optical power receiving at -1 dBm Sλ Spectral sensitivity A/W 0.85 - - f=40 to 870 MHZ A/W 0.9 - - λ=1310±20nm λ Optical wavelengh nm 1290 - 1600 Itot Total Current Consumption mA 130 - 150 VB=12V ①Optical power at -8dBm;②Optical power at +2dBm 。 The module normally operates at VB=5 V(±0.1) If you want to know more about our product details,Please reply to get E-Catelog and FOC samples,Thank you.

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