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Optical Fiber Interface Types to Introduction Aug 01, 2022

Optical Fiber Interface Types to Introduction

Optical fiber connector is a device for a detachable (active) connection between the optical fiber and optical fiber. It precisely connects the two end faces of optical fiber, so that the light energy output by the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum extent. And minimize the impact on the system due to its involvement in the optical link, which is the basic requirement of optical fiber connectors. To a certain extent, optical fiber connectors also affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems. According to different transmission media, optical fiber connectors can be divided into common silicon-based optical fiber single-mode and multi-mode, as well as others such as plastics as transmission media; according to the structure of the connector, they can be divided into FC , SC, ST, LC, DIN, MU, MT and other forms. Among them, ST connectors are usually used for wiring equipment, such as fiber distribution frames, fiber modules, etc., while SC and MT connectors are usually used for network equipment.

According to the shape of the fiber end face, they can be divided into FC, PC (including SPC or UPC) and APC; according to the number of fiber cores, they can be divided into single-core and multi-core (such as MT-RJ). Optical fiber connectors are widely used and have a wide variety. In the actual application, we generally distinguish according to the structure of the optical fiber connector.

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The following are some of the more common optical fiber connectors:

1、FC-type optical fiber connector: Round with thread (the most used on the patch panel), FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector, which means that it is external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle.

2ST-type fiber optic connector: Clip-on round type, commonly used in the optical fiber distribution frame, the outer shell is round, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle.

3SC-type optical fiber connector: Clip-on square type (the most used on routers and switches), the outer shell is rectangular, and the structure and size of the pins and coupling sleeves used are exactly the same as the FC type. The end faces of the pins are mostly ground by PC or APC type; they are rotated. This kind of connector is cheap, easy to plug and unplug, small fluctuation of insertion loss, high compressive strength and high installation density.

4PC type optical fiber connector: microsphere grinding and polishing.

5APC type optical fiber connector: 8 degree angle and microsphere grinding and polishing.

6MT-RJ square, one dual fiber transceiver (used for Huawei 8850).

7LC type optical fiber connector: A connector for connecting SFP modules, which is made with an easy-to-operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. (commonly used by routers)

There are also MU type connector, DIN47256 type optical fiber connector (Biconic Connector).

Above all is the entire content of optical fiber interface. For more information on optical module products, please follow the official website of Pinsignal Technology. Thank you for your support!

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