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  • motorola catv amplifier
    motorola catv amplifier
    SMG1025/CATV GaAs Push-pull Module
    SMG1025.PDF FEATURES ● GaAs active devices ● Power gain @25dB ● Low distortion ● Excellent linear gain ● Low noise figure ● High reliability ● Low cost   DESCRIPTION The SMG1025 is a GaAs hybrid push-pull amplifier module. The part employs GaAs dies and is operated from 50 MHz to 1000MHz with supply voltage +24V(DC).  CHARACTERISTICS (Bandwidth 50 to 1000MHZ; Tmb=25℃, VB=24V, ZS=ZL=75Ω) SYMBOL PARAMETER UNIT MIN. TYP. MAX. CONDITIONS Gp Power Gain dB 25 - 26.5 f=50MHZ SL Slope cable equivalent dB 0.5 1.5 2.5 f=50 to 1000 MHZ FL Flatness of frequency response dB - - ±0.5 f=50 to 1000 MHZ S11&S22 Input &output return loss dB - - -16 f=50 to 860 MHZ CTB Composite Triple Beat dB - - -14 f=861 to 1000 MHZ CSO Composite Second Order distortion dB - - -62 PAL 60 channel; Vo=44dBmV; CTB measured at 543.25 MHz; CSO measured at 544.5 MHz; Xmod Cross Modulation dB - - -63 Vo Output Voltage dBmV 60 - -55 F Noise Figure dB - 4.0 - f=860 MHZ Itot Total Current Consumption mA 250 330 - VB=+24V The module normally operates at VB=24 V(±0.5)

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